Best Chairs for Meditation : The Ultimate Guide on Chairs with Back Support

meditation chair with back support

These are 7 of the best meditation chairs with back support that I have found to be worth the money. These meditation chairs are built with back support as their main focus. If you are trying to sit in lotus position but are having trouble a minute or two into you meditation practice, the reason is because your body is not in alignment with your expectations.

Why Do You Need a Meditation Chair?

Forcing your body to sit in full lotus is also not what you want to do. Here is where these awesome meditation chairs sometimes called floor chairs, come into play. Most of chairs below have different back support settings that will allow you to sit in different angles until you are comfortable to sit in a solid 90 degree position with your legs crossed. These chairs are also amazing for those with back problems. They are like a training wheel for people starting out meditation who are not used to prolonged sitting in lotus.


What is a Meditation Chair / Floor Chair?

Simply put, a meditation chair (and in this case, one with a back rest for support) is an alternative method of sitting in meditation pose without the discomfort of sitting on the floor. Sitting on the floor without any cushion or back support can aggravate existing back pain or even trigger back pain.

This is due to the lack of support our spine gets when sitting down. Most people slouch too which is another way to induce pain. The meditation chairs or floor chairs that come with back support are intended to give your bottom and your back the support they need. They reduce or even eliminate back pain caused by prolonged sitting cross-legged. These are also called relaxation chairs since you can literally buy them to do just that!

Are Meditation Chairs / Floor Chairs Worth It?

Before buying a meditation chair, you want to make sure you are making a worthy investment. If the reasons to buy a chair are because of factors like lumbar support, back or leg pain, or cramps while sitting for meditation, then it is definitely a good investment to make. If you just want it because they exist, then that is not the greatest reason to buy one.

Now that you know you need the chair and are buying it for the right reasons, let’s see what options we have for you. My fave is number 7! 🙂

What is a Good Chair for Meditation?

Try our one of these options for your meditation practice, and help your body ease into it without having to deal with adjusting an uncomfortable position, or your leg falling asleep on you within the first minute of meditation.

This takes away from quieting the mind, and sends your attention to your leg. Avoid all of those issues by getting one of these curated meditation chairs below while you ease into your meditative practice.

Here are 7 of the best meditation chairs with back support!

1. bonVIVO Easy III Padded Folding Floor Chair

meditation chair with back support
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This meditation chair by bonVIVO is a great option with a back support that is affordable too. It’s a foldable option and lightweight – coming in at about 6.6 lbs. You can fold and carry this into your meditation space and easily fold it back up and store it. The back is adjustable so you can lean far back too (maybe while watching the telly?).

This is a great option if you’re doing an outdoor picnic and need something better than a blanket to sit on. So it serves multiple purposes too. However, since you are trying to use it for your meditation practice, I would recommend this as a top option based on its sturdiness and affordability. Made with polyurethane – it is stain resistant and easy to clean. 

Cost: $55~

2. Friends of Meditation Buddha Meditation Chair

meditation chair with back support
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This Buddha meditation chair with back support is like the king of meditation chairs. It is extra large for those who need the extra support. It has a two-step seat meaning your behind sits a little higher than your knee and legs, which rest in lotus position a little lower.

This seating position gives your body a break from sitting for long periods without your torso and legs feeling numb. The back cushion is also adjustable to give your spine the support without the pressure of having to hold your body straight up.

It’s made of foam and cotton. The cover is removable and washable – which is great! It is a whopping 11.5 lbs so if you’re trying to take this on trips or to your yoga studio (that’s not your home), I would recommend the other ones in this list.

However, it’s a great option if you have back pain and really want to keep up your meditation practice in a single location. Moving this chair should not be a daily task.

Cost: $275~

3. Friends of Meditation Back Jack Meditation Chair

meditation chair with back support
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The back jack meditation chair is another great option from our friends at – Friends of Meditation. Unlike the option above though, this meditation chair with back support is actually flexible enough to fold and carry.

It is not as heavy as the king of chairs above, clocking 2.65 lbs only! It is made out of the same fabric – foam on the inside, cotton on the outside. And the cover is removable and washable. It is a great option if you want to travel with it.

While this option is not cheap, its very sturdy and supportive for meditation practices and traveling. A good investment, I’d say.

Cost: $100~

4. Oristus Adjustable Floor Chair

meditation chair with back support
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This is a great cushiony and comfortable meditation chair that comes with back support. It is made with memory foam and a linen/cotton covering that makes it contour to your body’s needs. The cotton covering makes it breathable too.

This chair comes in 5 seat settings that adjust from 90 to 180 degrees. It is a little heavy at 7.3 lbs but you can move it around the house. This meditation chair is not foldable but you can flatten it out and store it that way. Moving around with it might not be the easiest but its doable if you really need to. Overall a great meditation chair with great back support!

Cost: $70~

5. malu Luxury Padded Floor Chair with Back Support

meditation chair with back support
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This meditation chair from malu is padded for major comfort on both back and behind. It is made with extra foam and covered with micro suede fabric. The padding is easy on the body and back. This meditation chair has 5 positions going from 90 to 180 degrees. It can also be folded and has a carry strap making it travel-friendly.

It has a removable cover that is machine-washable too. The nylon bottom of the seat is a great feature when using this chair outdoors. Simply clean the bottom with a wet towel. The vegan leather trim gives it an “upgraded” quality feel.

This is a small business, so if you’re looking to support small businesses, this a good company to buy from.  

Cost: $75~

6. Monk & Llama Folding Floor Chair

meditation chair with back support
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This tatami chair by monk & llama has to be one of the most comfortable meditation chairs with back support. The chair comes with 5 (although they state 6 which is the full fold position) positions that you can position your back. Of course for the meditative position, you’d want to keep it in the 90-degree position.

The seat and back are made with vegan leather and have enough padding to cushion your bottom and your back. It has a removable cover that is machine washable too. This chair is foldable and has a strap for easy carrying. It does weigh about 8.7 lbs. It does come with pockets to store your car keys or phone too. Nice added feature.

Another small business company to support!

Cost: $65~

7. Crestlive Adjustable Padded Floor Chair

meditation chair with back support
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This has to be the most comfortable meditation chair with great back support too. I love the quality and the sturdiness of this chair. Not only can you use this for your meditation practices, but for sitting on the floor while reading or performing other activities like propping it out on your porch or balcony and bird watching – if you’re into that.

The chair has a removable linen (breathable) cover that can be tossed into the wash when dirty. The chair is also about 12.5 lbs, so I do not recommend it for traveling. This is one that you can move around in the home but too bulky to stuff into a suitcase or carry around daily too.

The extra padding and different positions give you the support you need for your meditation or lounging too. GREAT BUY!

Cost: $100~


There are a lot of meditations chairs or relaxation chairs that claim to have great back support or a back rest. However, you’d need to do your research first to first look for something that actually does give back support but also has other elements like quality and comfort too. These 7 meditation chairs listed above have focused their design efforts on the back rest with most of them having reinforced steel and a weight limit to make sure you know what you’re getting into.

My pick has been #7 above, but all of them serve a few purposes and depend on what you actually need.

Which one are you going to buy?

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Article last updated on January 19th, 2022

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