7 Amazing Ayurvedic Benefits of Ghee Butter on Skin

ghee bottle

Ghee or clarified butter is an ancient ingredient that has its origins in the Indus Valley of India. Indians and the South East Asian continent have used ghee for many years since it’s origins eons ago; circa 3000 BCE. Ghee has recently garnered the attention of the modern world. Some call it “desi ghee” but […]

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5 Best Free Yoga Videos on YouTube

yoga videos on youtube

Yoga has been one of the most popular exercise practices of our time. And while going to a class may not be easy on the pocket, there are a lot of free yoga videos on Youtube that we can leverage to help us get the same benefits of an in-class session. And since there are […]

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7 Ways to Grow Healthy Strong Hair Fast

grow healthy strong hair

We all want to grow healthy strong hair and get some major volume to it. For most of us, when we were teenagers, we were unaware of what hair issues were. And thanks to the growing phase of our lives, we probably had lustrous and luscious hair. Right now, if you’re here, you are probably […]

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How to Stay Awake all Night Long

man staying awake

There are many ways to slap of the sleepies outta you when you are trying to stay awake. On the contrary, getting enough sleep and rest prior to wanting to stay awake, is also good for the body. There are a lot of energy boosters that claim to give you what you need, and some […]

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5 Best Hair Loss Shampoos for Men and Women

hair loss shampoos

Hair loss is all too real. And finding a hair loss shampoo can be a real pain too. Hair loss can be a result of many other underlying issues in the body. For me, these issues have been increased levels of anxiety and hormonal changes. Both of these issues have wrecked havoc on my health, […]

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