6 Best Free Kids Yoga Videos on YouTube

kids yoga videos

Kids yoga is great for all ages and getting them started as soon as they can is a good way to build their minds and bodies. These 6 kids yoga videos are a few of the best videos from amazing yoga teachers. Their individual channels offer more videos if your kid gets tired of seeing the same one over and over. So you have choices when it comes to these content for your kids to practice yoga daily.

Yoga is a meditative practice that engages both the mind and the body and brings all the attention back to the present moment. It is hard for kids to calm themselves down and be present in every moment, and that’s why it’s important to train their brains and body to practice calmness.

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In the practice of yoga, the kids get a full mental and physical workout that energizes them, gets them to focus, builds their control mechanisms, and has them learn the importance of honoring their bodies.

Lets get into the videos and remember to check out the kids yoga video channels associated to these videos. They will give your kid variety in their yogic practice.

Benefits of Kids Yoga

There are a number of benefits for kids to practice yoga. Some of the more apparent ones are:

  • Managing anxiety
  • Managing “kid” energy
  • Relieving stress
  • Strengthening mind and body
  • Improving sleep
  • Improving digestion
  • Mind body awareness

1. Morning Yoga Routine for Kids

Moovlee offers these short videos for very young kids to get into yoga. The video is to start off your kids day by bringing calmness into their minds and body. It is short but gets into deep stretching that will energize your kid’s body to take on the day. This yoga video for kids is probably specific to the under 5 years of age group. It is less than 5 minutes so easy for kids who don’t like to do elongated tasks in the morning. A good way for the parent to bond with their kid too before the rush of the day.


2. The Sun Dance Kids Yoga

Bari Koral is a Youtuber that focuses on kids health and yoga. This kids yoga video is 4:30 seconds long! She does have a lot of other options too if this is too fast and advanced for your kid. This would probably be best suited for kids who are between the ages of 6 and 10 years. The Yoga Numbers is another good yoga video for the younger ones in your home. That one is probably good for kids between ages 4-6 years. While all the videos are focused on yoga or some sort of mindfulness, I would be aware that the methods being used are not entirely yogic with the agitating music and fast movements. If you’re trying to calm and center your kid, these videos may not be it. I’d recommend number 3, 4, and 6 for that.

3. Yoga for Kids – All Standing Postures

AppuSeries has a compilation of animated yoga videos for kids. This kids video is focused on the standing postures in yoga. It has about 10 postures including the sun salutation or surya namaskar at the end. I love this one for my nieces because it is long enough (running at around 16 minutes) for them to get into it and exhaust some of that kid energy. This is good for both mind and body balance for kids and adults. I usually do these too with my nieces to bond with them. Also, when they see an adult joining in, they are more likely to stick with it and complete it. This is a GREAT video and series. Check out the other ones on all sitting postures too. Good for ages 6 to 12 years.

4. 5 Minute Yoga Routine for Kids – Safari Adventure!

Channel Mum has a good compilation of kids’ yoga videos including this one. The video focuses on stretching and coming into poses and holding for a bit. So if you’re trying to get a 3 year old to do this, umm that might not work out well. Try number 1,2 and 3 above. This is focused on children a little older at about 4+ years of age. She incorporates animal sounds and actions to allow the kids to associate the yogic action to it. Another great one from Channel Mum is the yoga video for kids – underwater adventure. This is another niece favorite in our home.

5. Sun Salutations & Yoga with Animals – Yoga for Kids

Smile and Learn is a channel focused not only on yoga videos for kids, but all educational videos. Unlike the other videos that have channels dedicated to kids yoga videos on YouTube, this video is curated for this list because it actually shows actual kids doing the yoga postures and doing them right. It is recommended for kids over the ages of 8. The video is very comprehensive and includes 2 sections. The first one is the sun salutation or surya namaskar. That part of the video lasts about 3 minutes.

The second part of many other yogic postures that kids can do, and is shown by kids too. They add in animal animation to keep the kids interested and focused which is a nice addition. You can get your kid to just do the first 3 minutes, or if they are focused enough, continue on and complete the other 4 minutes too.

6. Squish the Fish | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure

Most parents have heard of Cosmic Kids Yoga, but if you haven’t, well then now you have. This channel is fully dedicated to kids yoga and incorporates a lot of color and vibrancy to keep kids attracted to the video. The instructor does slow down the pace of the poses and postures so every kid can follow through easily. She incorporates a story into the video so your kids get a story too while getting their bodies exercised. This is probably good for kids of all ages since its easy to follow for everyone.  Kids younger than 3 can watch this for the stories alone and get into the yogic postures when they are older and used to the stories.


Yoga is good for everyone and every kid. These kids yoga videos are available to you free of charge and can be played and replayed as many times as you want. The benefit of this is that kids who tend to get attached to these videos (and the postures and exercise too) can play these on your smartphones and practice where and whenever they want to. And the best part of this is that as a parent, you can join in too and use this as a bonding exercise. As you progress through the videos, you can also jump ahead to videos that cater to different age groups, keeping it fresh for you and your kid.

Which yoga videos do your kids like?

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