19 Amazing Benefits of Meditation for Stress & Anxiety

girl meditating in nature

Meditation can be an extremely beneficial to reduce stress and anxiety (among other issues). Yoga and Ayurveda focus a lot of their teaching on meditative practices. They also stress the importance of why practicing meditation daily can have a significant and powerful impact on our mental and physical faculties. The impact meditation has on our […]

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8 Free Guided Morning Meditations to Start Your Day

morning guided meditation

These free morning meditations on YouTube are one of the easiest and most accessible ways to start off your mornings. There is a lot of benefit in the practice of meditations, but doing them in the morning will reap the most benefit. Beginners will find it helpful to use guided meditations to assist in their […]

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6 Best Free Kids Yoga Videos on YouTube

kids yoga videos

Kids yoga is great for all ages and getting them started as soon as they can is a good way to build their minds and bodies. These 6 kids yoga videos are a few of the best videos from amazing yoga teachers. Their individual channels offer more videos if your kid gets tired of seeing […]

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20 Best Gratitude Quotes to Live By

best gratitude quotes

These gratitude quotes are meant not only to inspire you but to bring awareness to all that you can be grateful for. Gratitude is one of the fundamental pillars of leading a happy and joyful life. Although we may be in the midst of trouble, there is always reason to be grateful. At the very […]

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20 Inspiring Quotes by Women of Color

inspiring quotes by woman of color

It is definitely not easy to have lived in yesterday’s world being a woman of color. But guess what? It’s not that much easier to live in today’s world being a woman of color either. The rise of the feminist empire was just in the last 100 years with a lot more emphasis these days […]

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25 Inspiring Quotes about Life

inspiring life quotes

Life quotes are the best way of summing up what life is all about. And over the years, great leaders, writers, poets, and philosophers have given us guideposts and flashes of wisdom about life. If we break down these quotes, there is so much we can learn about life and ourselves. Inspiring life quotes lift […]

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30 Inspirational Spiritual Quotes for Your Soul

inspirational spiritual quotes

These 30 inspirational spiritual quotes will give you the boost and inspire you to take the first (or continued) step in your journey to a powerful existence. We are all here for a purpose and whether we believe in a higher power or not, these spiritual quotes will help you lead a better more fulfilled […]

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How to Make Strong Female Friends as a Woman

how to make female friends

Making female friends when we were children did not seem as bad as making friends when you are an adult, amiright? I recently ran across an article about how women can be so *bleep to their female friends. And the writer coughed it up to women being competitive *bleeps, and just emotional. I don’t know […]

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