5 Best USDA Certified Organic Body Washes

organic body washes

When trying to go organic with your skincare or in this case, your body wash, it is important to learn about the different meanings that can be tagged to the words “organic”, “natural”, “cruelty-free” or “vegan”. If you are looking for nothing but organic body washes, read on. I have personally used the following five […]

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5 Best Under $30 Leggings to Buy on Amazon

yoga leggings workout

Going to the gym, practicing yoga, lounging, and even going grocery shopping these days, require a good pair of leggings. And ladies, if you’re like me, you can’t see a reason to spend over $70 bucks for a pair of leggings that you’re probably going to wear around the house. Amiright? Especially in times of […]

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The Best Cleaner for Your Burnt Glass Stove Top

glass stove top cleaner

After a couple of years of trying these different cleaners, I finally found the best cleaner for my glass stove top. Somehow life went from using electric coils and gas burner stove tops, to these fancy glass stove tops. And with this fanciness comes the dreaded burn sitch. When I make indian tea, I usually […]

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