5 Safe and Best Face Moisturizers for Healthy,Wrinkle-Free Skin

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Face creams are so necessary in every woman and man’s daily routine. I don’t know any woman who doesn’t have her own standard go-to product. While many of my girlfriends are avid researchers in the skin care products they use, I’ve often found that what works for one, doesn’t necessarily work for the other.

I’ve tried a ton of face creams and moisturizers and oils myself, as I’m sure you have. In the quest for a good face cream, the following five are by far the ones that have worked for me, in one way or another.

I have combination skin so some face creams have dried me out further, and some have caused me to look excessively dewy. So the five options below are mostly for those who do have combination skin with slight dryness. Although, you can often try these out and return within their return policy window. That way, you know for sure if they work for you or not. Remember to do an allergy test first!

1. Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Day Face Cream

A combination of organic and natural products, this face cream is a blend of rose petals and rose hip with shea butter, (and other ingredients). That combination not only makes your face feel nourished and moisturized, it smells divine! The smell of rose lingering for most of the day just lifts you up. Also, due to a slightly thick nature of this face cream, it lasts all day. It is great to use behind makeup and also without. It causes your skin to feel the right amount of dewy all day.

Free From: Silicones, PEGs, synthetic fragrances, dyes, and preservatives.

Works best on: Dry, sensitive and normal skin

Price: $48~ (at time of this article)

2. Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme+

The revitalizing Supreme+ collection uses the moringa plant as its main ingredient. A quick Google search will show you that the moringa tree is said to be the tree of life. Goes without saying that Estee Lauder has captured the essence of this plant and used its properties to enhance their face creams. This particular cream is buttery light and goes onto face and neck with ease. It has a distinct smell, but if scents do not affect you, this would be a great option to try. Estee Lauder has always been the standard in face care, so you’d be using a tried and tested company that delivers.

Free From: Not much

Works best on: All skin types

Price: $58 for 1.0oz (at time of this article)

3. Tatcha Water Cream

This oil free face cream is definitely a must-buy, if you have normal to oily skin. While other oil based creams can cause additional issues like breakouts, this face cream prevents that from happening. It doesn’t clog your pores while giving your face the moisturizing treatment it needs. It is made with Japanese Wild Rose and Japanese Leopard Lily, both effective in controlling oil and tightening up your pores. Who doesn’t like unnoticeable pores? Me! It also contains a slew of anti aging superfoods, and also contains 23 karat gold! Now that’s a face cream your face will feel rich in.

Free From: Parabens, Sulfate detergents, DEA, Urea, phthalates, mineral oils, and synthetic fragrances.

Works best on: Normal, and Oily skin

Price: $68 (at time of this article)

4. MARYANN Organics Collagen Face Cream

Maryann’s face cream is great for both your wallet and your face, and its organic! It is an anti-aging moisturizer that can be used both day and night. The ingredients in this face cream claim to stimulate the collagen production in your face, which slows down the aging process. Along with assisting in repairing and restoring your face to its better years, this cream is very light and feels cool on your face. It stays on all day, but if you have dry skin make sure you are applying generously to keep that all day supple skin.

Free From: GMO, Cruelty, Gluten

Works best on: All skin types

Price: $28 (at time of this article)

5) Belif True Cream Aqua Bomb

If you are looking for deep hydration without the oils from other face creams, this one might be for you. This is a water based gel face cream that provides and locks in hydration for the whole day. The various herbs including calendula and nettle have been known to soothe the skin. This face cream can be used both day and night and before makeup too. It will stay on all day thanks to the moisture locking properties of oat kernel used as a humectant.

Free From: Sulfates, Phthalates, mineral oils, petrolatum, dyes, fragrances, and synthetic preservatives. And also no animal origin ingredients

Works best on: Normal, oily, combination

Price: $22 (at time of this article)

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In Conclusion

Face creams can be one of the hardest choices to make if you are not aware of all the ingredients and effects it can have on your skin. There is always a need to test before you lock your self into a face cream. Your face is a more sensitive area of your body.

And with more exposure to all of the elements of nature and stress, it is vital that you are taking care of your skin. Make sure you are using a natural face masks once a week and giving your face some relaxation with a prayer or a good meditation that releases the muscles in your face.

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Article last updated September 10, 2021

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