5 Best Self Help Books You Need to Read

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In the past 12 years of being on my spiritual journey, there have been a ton of self-help books that I have read. And unlike Warren Buffet or Bill Gates who read a ton of books each week, I was only able to consume these books in mini doses. The reason for this is that reading self-help books like a novel just doesn’t work.

When you run into an aha moment, it would be time to put the book down and digest what you just read, before moving on. I recommend treating the following books in that manner. However, if your reading style is to one-shot it, then do that but bookmark your aha moments to refer to later.

1. You Can Heal Your Life, By Louise L. Hay

I came across this book late into my spiritual journey. But I’m glad I did. The author hits on key fundamentals like self-love, self-worth, and your belief systems. She talks about how we have to undo the limiting beliefs that we absorbed when we were children. She provides steps and exercises throughout the book on how to accomplish that. And also provides a reminder that rewiring ourselves from negative to positive talk, takes a lot of time. She stresses on constantly and consistently work on bettering ourselves. By doing this we continue to understand that we are worthy of all that is good. Her exercises cover mind, body and soul.

My Take: Since reading the book (and more so with a combination of other books) I have slowly incorporated her teachings and practices into my daily routine. This includes my self-talk, and meditation sessions. I grab nuggets that are easily digestible and use those where I see fit. I also use her daily affirmations (they sit on my kitchen island) to remind me of words, feelings and actions to live by. Since I forget easily, if I just remember those affirmations for that single day, I am bettering myself.

2. The Path Made Clear, by Oprah Winfrey

I love this book! Oprah shares her stories and life lessons over her many years of living a great life. If anyone has watched her Super Soul Sunday episodes, you will see glimpses of those teaching in the writings of this book. She reminds the reader that we are all born with gifts and a purpose. These gifts are often buried under the rat-race we call life. Her goal is to give you tools, and hope to find out what your true purpose is, and to live it. She talks about fear being a factor that holds us back, that slowing down and listening to our soul is a necessary task. And that being true to ourselves should we be what we aim for.

My take: Like I said, I love this book. And since I personally follow many of the same spiritual guides and gurus as her, this book is a compilation of reminders for me.

3. Eat, Pray Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert

You know the movie, don’t you? If not, I suggest reading the book first before watching Julia Roberts portray the contents of this book in a beautiful way. The reason you want to read the book is because Liz Gilbert lived the book. This is basically an auto-biography of a period in her life. This is a spiritual journey of the author in a very physical way. The book covers how unhappy she was in her current life. In an effort to become happy, she quits her job, leaves her husband, and takes a journey to find herself, physically first (eat), spiritually (pray), and her soul (love).

While most of us may not have the money to travel across the world to find ourselves, the book is a gift of hope. It shows us we do not have to be perfect in any sense, and to let go and give in to whatever shows up while we journey inside of ourselves. And no I didn’t drop any spoilers here.

My Take: I unfortunately watched the movie before I finished the book. Ha. I did finish the book and found it to be more insightful than the movie. There are tidbits that the movie does not cover. And I’m going to guess that because of movie budget and time constraints. And until today, I resonate with her attitude to let go if something is not working for you. Live by your standards and morals and strip the limitations of society to find yourself and your happiness.

4. Girl, Wash Your Face, by Rachel Hollis

The book is a mental booster for those who are down in the dumps. The author’s goal is to help you realize that you have control over your life and your happiness. And that we aren’t to live by the lies told to us about how we cannot do or be something. But that we have a choice to shed the lies and know we can do or be whoever we want to be. By now we all know that happiness is a choice we make even in the depths of despair. And while it is hard to hold onto happiness during those trying times, Rachel does a good job at letting us know we have a choice.

My Take: I could say, well she doesn’t know my story. But what I will say here is that nobody will ever know your story, but you. This book and every other book you read are tools for you. They are meant to help you find the way, not actually find it for you. Use it if it resonates with you. And while I cannot change everything about my life since I do not have control over all things, I use some of the advice where it makes sense.

5. Peace from Broken Pieces, by Iyanla Vanzant

This book is powerful. If you read it with an open mind on the possible reasons why things seem broken in your life, you will receive possible answers. Iyanla takes us back through time to our childhoods and even previous generations. She explains how things are imprinted on your subconscious and how to ultimately break those patterns and move on to better things. It does sting to read some of the reasons why we do the things we do, but again having an open mind is key. Again, read and take away what makes sense for your life’s situation.

My Take: I had the privilege of meeting Iyanla at a Hay House conference years ago. As with the tone of her books and media presence, she is just as powerful in a one-on-one convo. The book was a punch to the gut about my patterns. It helped me start the process of peeling away the layers. By doing this I am trying to find the source of certain emotions, and understand my self worth. And the journey continues.

In Conclusion

I have read a ton of books since starting my spiritual and self help and healing journey, but these 5 books resonate with me and have stuck to my brain. I can only hope that they help you in your self healing. Okay, so I don’t know how many times I’ve mentioned being on my spiritual journey, but if you’re interested in some really great spiritual books, I’ve compiled a list for you here. And if you are on a self-help, self-care journey, I wish you well. It is the best journey you will ever take.

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Article last updated May 16, 2021

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