20 Unique and Fun Valentine’s Day Gifts and Guides

Valentines Day Gifts

Here are a variety of 20 Valentine’s Day gifts, guides, and DIYs for your special someone and for the kids in your life too! These groups of gifts are sectioned into food ideas, DIYs, coupons and printables, gift guides, and special one-offs like eco-friendly gifts (scroll to the bottom for that one!). Check these out ahead of the big day so you can be prepared. Best thing – most of these cost almost nothing so you’d be creating a special day without breaking the bank!

Valentine’s Day Food Ideas:

1. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Skewers

These chocolate covered strawberry skewers are the perfect valentines treat for anyone. Make them for your spouse, or make them with your kids to celebrate the day of love.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

2. Chocolate Coconut Fudge

Just four ingredients to get you the perfect chocolate coconut fudge! Make these a few days before Valentine’s Day and bring them out for dessert.

3. Maple Tahini Fudge

This maple tahini fudge is made from 3 ingredients probably available in your kitchen right now! These fudgy pieces of heaven are also gluten free and vegan and paleo friendly.

maple tahini fudge

4. Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Who doesn’t love a good pretzel? Make that a chocolate covered pretzel that is also gluten free! Make these ahead of Valentine’s Day. Also a great recipe to eat all year!

chocolate covered pretzels

DIY Valentines Gifts

5. DIY Cord Organizer

This DIY cord organizer is great for anyone trying to keep their significant other’s cables in check! Ha. Build this together or do it by yourself and hope they use it!


6. Valentine’s Day Hear Shaped Soaps!

These DIY lavender soaps are heart-shaped and can be made andddd used on the special with your sweetie.


7. Valentine’s Day Coasters

Who knew these cute easy-to-make coasters could be…so easy to make? This activity can and probably should be done with you loved ones. Create something cute and fun together.

Valentines Day coasters

8. Heart Shaped Earrings

Make these heart shaped earrings with and for your kids! Such a fun activity with something you can actually wear after making it yourself!


9. Mason Jar Gift

Forgot to get your loved one a Valentine’s Day gift? This easy to make Kisses Mason Jar Gift is fancy but so easy to make with just a couple of things that may already be in your kitchen.

10. DIY Bath Salts

This easy to make bath salt gift is a perfect gift for stress relief as well as run a bubbly bath and add these salts to, for your significant other.

11. DIY Soy Candles

What better way to enhance the ambiance with some DIY soy candles. Try these easy to make soy candles that are environmental friendly!

12. DIY Wine Glass Painting

Right before you pour that glass of wine, or while you’re drinking  get a couple of glasses and paint something cool to remember this special day. Paint these wine glasses and keep them as keep sakes.


13. Valentine’s Day Candy Jar

Cricut Anyone? If you do have one, try creating this fun Valentine’s Day phrases for your mason jars!


14. ‘Open When’ Letters

Such a sweet way to show your loved one how loved they are. This fun way of Open When letters is a great way to keep the romance alive.


Valentine’s Day Coupons and Printables

15. Love Coupons for Parents

Calling all kiddos. The perfect gift any parent wants to receive are love coupons from their kids to get chores done, or take out the trash, or do your homework. But there’s more. Download these free printables!!!

16. Love Coupons for Anyone

These love coupons can be used by anyone on this day or any other special day. We all love free stuff, and coupons are a double win.

17. Free Gift Tag Printable

Get this free printable and create a fun tag to add to your gifts!


Gift Guides

18. Men’s Valentines Gift Guide

The comprehensive Valentine’s Day men’s gift guide to get your guy a special something. Pick one or more items from this list of unique gifts.

Valentines Day Mens Gift

19. Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts

These unique Valentine’s Day gifts are covered with chocolate. Like all of them! Such a fun gift for someone who is crazy about everything chocolate.

20. Eco Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts

A comprehensive guide of earth friendly Valentines Day gifts. These eco-friendly gifts are a great way to gift.


In Conclusion

I usually like to mix and match items from all lists so there are a few things I can add to a basket of gifts for my special person. I will say, most of these are so easy to make and are not time consuming but I like to prep these ahead of the day. Don’t have time, try out #14! Wins every time.

What are you going to try to buy, make, or create?

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