6 Reasons to Freedom – Why I Quit My Job

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Why do you want to quit your job? While you may have personal answers to that question, truly ask yourself why. The answers you are looking for should not be the common and practical answers to that question. The reasons listed below are far from the conventional or “fight of flight” mentality. If the reasons below resonate with you, you’re on the right track.

I think my answers below are not going to be practical enough for the regular joe-schmo. These are not the answers you will find on Google either. If there is one thing I know, its that there is a legit reason behind why you want to quit your job. And that reason is what you need to focus your attention on. This could be something like “my manager sucks”. Or it could also be because “I’m only doing this job because my parents think I need to”. The latter of which is somewhat true for me. According to this article, the BLS shows the increase in the number of people quitting their jobs (as reported in 2018). This increase has been up and steady. So you are not alone.

This was not only something that was expected of me from my parents. It was also something that was expected from me by friends, relatives, and the larger society. I am not going to sit here and play the pity card, because it was also because I needed to prove a point to my younger self.

A Quick Back Story

The Immigrant Indian

I came to the U.S. in my late teens in pursuit of a degree in Computer Science that I was not interested in. Yea, I didn’t pick that major. One day I will write about how I got to this country and how that was not my plan. Anyways, what a lot of people in this country don’t realize is that there is a stronghold that a lot of Indian children go through. Especially if you are a child of an immigrant. Growing up in a country that didn’t have much of a stable education system. Read: the university usually shut down for months due to students asking the government to pay them more to study. And yes, that’s a thing where I’m from). My parents thought it was best to get me in the U.S. school system to avoid that, and so they did.

The Sacrifice

My parents made many sacrifices to give me a U.S. education. And because of the struggles when I was younger, I made it my goal to get a job right out of college. I did whatever was needed to land me my first job. Also, if I didn’t get that job, I would have had to leave the US forever, ever ever, ever ever. Or until I got a visitors visa, but that wasn’t the goal. So I got that job, I started making money. My first goal was to pay off the credit card bill I racked up in college. Read more about how I got out of debt.

I Done It

A few years I proved to my younger self and to anyone who thought I needed a job in this country to survive. I had done it. But now, there was only me and my thoughts. I realized I worked not only to pay the bills, but to make everyone else feel safe in their expectation of me. And now I can start saving, buy a house, get married, and have kids. And to that I say, ahahahahaha.

The Corporate America Bubble

I know I haven’t been happy in Corporate America (hereafter to be referred to as “my job”) for a very long time. I had enough money to coast for a few years without a job. What I did want for myself is pure joy. The joy to know that I can have all the things mentioned above by people’s expectations, but that now, I decide which ones I want. What life has taught me is that my job is a safe haven in some ways. It is also the gut wrenching, life-sucking enemy that is killing my health and my dreams. I have quit most of my jobs, only to replace them with another new job that I hated even more. The only reason I come back is because I don’t know for sure what I am passionate about. So until then these jobs will have to do.

I have had crappy bosses – a lot of them – but I ultimately quit because I was not truly happy doing what I did. I managed people. Gah, for a person who is introvert but presents as an extrovert, this shii is tough work! I know beyond a doubt that I am good at my job. My core job. I build relationships where they matter, and I get stuff done. I don’t sit on my butt at my desk scrolling though Best Buy’s website, while my manager watches me do that. And yes, I saw my subordinate do that during a handful of meetings. Anyways, I digress.

What is a Good Reason to Leave a Job?

Well there are many reasons that each of us can have according to what life experiences we are having. However, there are a few things you can analyze before making this decision.

Here are 6 considerations before pulling the plug.

1. Follow Your Passion

So why wasn’t I happy if I did what I did, well? Because I don’t want to be a puppet in someone else’s show. And if that’s the reason that you want to quit, then I will tell you to QUIT. Do it! Make yourself happy by finding what it is that you want to do. Do you already know what you are passionate about? OMG great, go do that. There are so many ways to become who you are meant to be. If you have a passion and you can do it, do it. In any case, I want to share with you things that you need to get lined up before you quit. We all want to say “I quit!”, but we want to make sure we are doing it the right way and for the right reasons. Here’s what you need to consider.

2. A Break vs. Quitting

Think about the real reason you want to quit. If it is just because of a grouchy manager but you like what you are doing, then look for another job first. Only quit when you have the other job in hand. Staying at that job will only fuel the motivation needed to find another better job. If all you need is a break before your next gig, find the job first. Push out that start date. You don’t want to waste your break focusing on finding another job. You know those sections where job postings ask when you are willing to start working? Make sure you take enough time before saying “immediately”. And if they are not willing to work with you on it, then maybe it is not meant to be.

The real reason you want to quit may be because you want to explore your dreams but you are just scared. In that case, read on and lets make sure you are prepared before you say “ I quit!”.

3. Save Money

So you’ve made the decision to quit, that’s great. But before you give your notice, save, save, save money. Make sure that you have a plan outside of this job. Save as much as you can to live without stress between six months to a year. And if you have no college debt or credit card bills, then you should feel good about that. In the event you do have bills to pay, make sure that your next year of bills is covered in what you will save up. This way while you are saving up, you can focus on the goal and make sure you are lining other things up in the process.


4. Set Feelers in Motion

Use the pre-quitting time not only to save, but also to start sending feelers out for what you might want to do when you no longer have to work that job. Do you want to write a book, explore the arts, open up a café, or work as a sous-chef? Your pre-quitting time is your golden period to explore these things. Take that first step to potentially line something up so on the day you quit, you already know your next indicated step.

5. Ignore Everyone

DO NOT listen to anyone who tells you not to quit. All everyone is working on is a fear-based system that was bred into our blood from the time we were born. We were taught that to live in this world, there is only one way – get a college education and get a job. I say bah humbug to both. The only way to live in this world is to be who you are and explore the gifts you were given by letting the world see you. You are uniquely you and it is your time to shine.

6. Quit Not Because…

Whatever you do, make sure that the reason you want to quit is not because you are lazy. Do not quit your job because you are trying to get back at your family and friends. Also, do not quit because you are just tired. That is not a good enough reason, sorry. Do you just want to give up? Nope, that’s not a good answer either. Neither is because you want to hurt someone who hurt you. And definitely not because you think you are not good enough. And also make sure that by quitting, you are not putting stress or the onus on someone else to take care of you. These are not reasons to quit.

Quit your job because you want to make this world a better place for you and your loved ones to live in.

In Conclusion

We all get to a point in our careers that trigger us to want to say those two sweet words – I quit. However, this world runs on money and if you don’t have any because you rushed to quit, that will hurt only you. Make sure you are considering the reasons why you want to. Also, consider the emotional and health aspects before making the decision too. If you have take into account all of that, you are on the right track.

Good luck to you, poppet; the world is your oyster.

Have you made the decision to quit your job or ride it out? Let me know below.

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Article last updated on September 21st, 2021

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