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With so much going on in the world, I often feel like I don’t have the time to do anything, even cook! I feel like I’m constantly running around to sit and organize my life. And God knows I get physically and emotionally drained after going to a 9 to 5 corporate job. When I get back home I don’t have any energy to make myself dinner. And let’s not even think about laundry, catching up with friends, or that binge worthy show. And who even wants to sort through mail, pay bills, and the list goes on. To help with this, I’ve put together a list of things that over time have helped me draw back a few minutes or hours of my day. It is a process that has helped me, and I hope it helps you!

1. Automate All Your Bill Payments

You can set up your bank account for everything from your rent/mortgage payments, to your water bill, and that oh so important Netflix bill. Some people are not comfortable with online payments but trust that your bank has got your back. Literally.

They know where your money is going and if there is ever an issue with your withdrawals, most banks and credit card companies will fight it for you. Trust me, I’ve been there and its been a stress-free process. Thanks to both, my credit card company and my bank! Automate your bills! It is an efficient way to organize and reduce the mental stress of paying bills each month. And you will never be late again.

2. Do Laundry while Binging

Organize your laundry schedule! Yes, thats a thing and its as important as the rest. I have this weird association of doing laundry while I’m watching a show. I think the mental distraction allows for the task of starting the laundry at the same time I start a show. Its like a reward when you hit the start button on the laundry. Weird, I know.

And I do the same thing with the end of the wash cycle. I take a bio break, get a snack prepared and switch the clothes to the dryer. And repeat with the dreadful fold and hang. If I do all this while concurrently watching a show, I don’t feel as annoyed or stressed. I feel distracted by who fell in love with whom on the show, while rolling up my socks and organizing my closet – Marie Kondo style.

3. Sort and Organize Mail

Why oh why do we get so many pieces of marketing material in the mail?! In this day and age of online-everything, I don’t understand the concept of wasting so much paper. If you live in an apartment building, there is a paper recycle bin that you can immediately recycle all that. Hopefully some day soon we wont have to deal with so much paper. #Savetheplanet.

If you live in a house, then before you do anything else, take all the random mail and sort it immediately and put all that in your recycle bin outside.

For the rest of the mail, I usually sort and organize it into buckets. a) bills, b) medical stuff, c) randoms. I usually take the bills and the medical mail and drop them on top of my laptop and leave them there.

When I sit-down with my laptop for other work, I tackle the mail first. For the randoms, I take them and place them on a coffee table or my nightstand to sort through when I binge watch something later that evening. This way, I feel like I have compartmentalized something that would annoy me. I also place these randoms in areas of my home I can easily get to. That way I have them at the right time to sort and organize while my mind is on the show.

4. Mary Poppins Bag of Goodies

Na, this is not some cookie or chocolate bag. I get paranoid about nothing having what I might need after I leave the house. So, I have strategically placed a little bag inside my big pocketbook/handbag. It contains a few essentials that I may need. These are the things that you or someone else may need in case of a semi-emergency. Here’s my list:

  • Pills
    1. Advil/Tylenol (see my other post about migraines)
    2. Zrytec/Claritin
    3. Anxiety meds
  • Band-Aids
  • Floss; yes I said floss!
  • Safety pins
  • Hair pins
  • A couple of scrunchies
  • Vicks, or if you’re desi – Tiger Balm, baby!
  • Mini nail clipper
  • Tide to-go
  • Mini lint roller

And this isn’t to say that the rest of my purse doesn’t contain other items like Kleenex, hand sanitizer, lotions, and lip balm. Am I paranoid? Maybe.

5. De-Clutter

This can be anything from de-cluttering your desk to de-cluttering your mind. Pick anything from the list below and do yourself a favor. When you have fewer material things, you have fewer distractions. And when you feel less distracted, your body and mind have more room to move and be creative.

  • Clean out your car every month
  • Clean out your closet every 6 months. Donate or sell
  • Go through your desk and actually figure out what can be trashed. Reorganizing your desk also helps freshen up your view of your workspace. Which then leads to more excitement to sit at the “new” space
  • Go through that horrid junk drawer while you are doing other tasks that doesn’t require your full attention. Binging another show perhaps?. And tackle that thing. Also, if you haven’t used it in a year, what’s it still doing there?
  • Clean out your mind. Ohhhh, this one needs its own bullet point

6. Mental Organization

All of us have things we have shoved into our brains that we don’t want to deal with. While this is a topic of great detail, the short version is for you to take a mental check of how you feel. Are you happy? Is anything bothering you? Is there someone you wish you could apologize to? Anything that might bring you peace is worth the work.

This is what we call mental cleaning. Take time to address that nagging feeling you get about something you wish you handled in the past. Your time is now. And if there is something you can do about it, do it. If there is something you are holding onto that must be let go, let go. If there is nothing you can do about it, make peace with it for the sake of your mental health.


In Conclusion

We all have so much going on that it can be overwhelming at times. Okay, most times. Getting a process and a routine is crucial to getting organized and staying consistent. You can’t be consistent without a routine, right? These steps have helped me feel like I have control over the daily duties, and also time to spare. When I can double down on tasks and something fun, I don’t feel like drained. I hope these tips help you too.

Once you get all organized, look in the mirror and congratulate yourself. I use “look at you, all organized!” and a self pat on the back. Cause, that iish was too much!

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Article last updated on September 21st, 2021

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