5 Tips to Being Productive at Home

not being productive during quarantine

Trying to be productive when you’re at work is a challenge. Trying to be productive when we are home is a whole other thing. And let’s be honest, we already had trouble being productive when we didn’t have a pandemic. It is and will always be harder for some folks to be productive at home as much as it would be for a fish to be taken out of water and told to swim.

And this is not to say that being productive at home or while working remotely cannot be done. There are however a few tips and tricks to get your mind into a different space to become productive again. Try out these tips and let me know below if anything worked for you.

1. Sectionalize Your Day

It seems easier to get into a mindset of hours of the day in quarantine, that you plan to be productive. It gives you time to focus your attention in increments on things that need you attention, as well as allows for breaks in between. For instance, make time in the morning to have your breakfast and sit for 2 hours after, to get something productive. Take the next hour or so to fix something around the house that you’d been putting off. Plan to return to your work space for another 2 hours of productive time. The more you are able to give yourself time chunks as well as time limits, the more you will be and feel more productive while being stuck in quarantine.

2. Create a Routine

This does go hand in hand with number one above. However, unlike number one you may not have something that needs fixing every day of quarantine. Make sure that your routine is one that incorporates all aspects of the day, even if that means taking a bath before bed every night. Continue also to wake up at the same time every morning, and plan to go to sleep at the same time. Our bodies crave routine, and anything that throws us off center is call for disaster.

3. Shower

I am a culprit here too, but I do know that a shower in the morning has multiple benefits. One of the main benefits is that it snaps you out of the sleep state and gets your body revving. According to the NIH, it gets your blood circulation going, which kinda ‘switches on’ your body. Dr. Nancy Napier, PHD states from Psychology Today says we do our best thinking in the shower. So why wouldn’t you start your day with some possible aha moments that could turn your day around? Taking a shower in the morning also makes me feel accomplished which spills over into wanting to accomplish more even if I am stuck in quarantine.

4. Change Your Space

If you eat, sleep and work on your bed, that’s probably going to bring you down and make you less productive. During this quarantine, I have had to look for new places in my space that make me feel like I can be comfortable but have a different view than my bedroom TV staring back at me. Take time to create a new work set up that will allow a bubble for your creative juices to flow. And switch it up. Today it could be your office space, tomorrow your balcony, patio or kitchen island.

5.Learn a new Skill or Language

If you don’t have work or are looking for other ways to be productive during this quarantine, outside of just doing work, the options right now are endless. Here is a list of things you could do – most of them for free in the comfort of your own home.

  • Learn a new skill. Online platforms like Udemy, YouTube, and SkillShare all have free options for a ton of skills.
  • Learn to cook. Again, YouTube has a ton of creators who share amazing and inspiring dishes that are easy to make. Start out a novice and come out of this quarantine a chef.
  • Instead of binging on all seasons of an, albeit amazing show on Netflix, maybe watch a few educational documentaries on any of our many streaming services.
  • Ever want to try to paint? Or draw? Or knit?! Well now is your time. This is the easiest way to be productive during quarantine. Performing artistic tasks can reduce your anxiety. This article by the NIH is a sea of data on the benefits of creative and visual arts on the lowering of stress and anxiety.
  • Do a really easy one like put a puzzle together!

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, we are all struggling to be productive during quarantine. So while you may be trying very hard to be productive, also ask yourself why. If it is to keep a job or not let the mind wander, then those are valid reasons. You could however, use this time to also decompress and relax if that is what your body truly needs. Self-care is and will always be important. Either way, lets hope you are finding the balance in productivity and self-care. Also, check out these articles if you want to do a face-mask at home, learn how to meditate, and keep yourself protected from the virus.

What will you try to be or add to your productivity?

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Article last updated September 10, 2021

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