5 Best Ted Talks On Leadership

Ted Talks on Leadership

These Ted Talks on leadership are a curated list of the thousands of the leadership talks listed on Ted and Tedx Talks. And while there are in fact thousands of talks on Youtube today, these Ted Talks on leadership are some of the talks that resonated with me heavily. They literally changed some part of my mindset to get me moving. These talks have helped me lead my teams and people better than I did before. Number 5 actually helped me learn what I needed to change within me. That in turn helped me make the change I needed to become better leader. And we all need to be strong mentally too to become great leaders. Learn how to become strong here.

1. “How to Speak So That People Want to Listen” by Julian Treasure

The speaker’s words are fitting for those who want to speak with empathy. Understanding the other before seeking to be understood is a key attribute to becoming a leader and this Ted Talk on leadership, hits that point well.

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2. “Great Leadership Starts with Self-leadership” by Lars Sudmann

This former corporate exec and current lecturer of leadership gives us a strategic outlook into how we can learn to lead by first practicing those lessons on our selves. Check out this leadership talk that focuses on self reflection and 3 strategic points you don’t want to miss!

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3. “Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe” by Simon Sinek

One of my favorite talks on how building up rapport with your team and creating a circle of trust, ultimately builds good leadership. Sinek, a management theorist focuses on creating safety and trust with those being led. Listen to this talk on how that triggers better leadership where people want to listen to you.

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4. “Leadership is Accountability, not Perfection” by Queen Ramotsehoa

This relatively new video (at the time of this publication), is a little pearl of knowledge that we all need to embrace. That leadership does not mean you are perfect, but that you take the hit for those who are looking up to you. While that is not the only quality a good leader needs to have, the speaker breaks down that point very aptly.

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5. “We Cannot Lead Others Without First Leading From Within” by Lolly Daskal

Saved the best for last. However similar to number 2 above, the speaker Lolly gives us the female aspect of leading from within. Something that women know how to do being more emotional and empathic. A great Ted Talk to boost your leadership qualities – regardless of gender.

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In Conclusion

Leadership should not come with a negative connotation. In the recent years we all have something negative to say about our bosses. And while sometimes, this is not a issue with the leader, sometimes it is. There are many leadership qualities we learn in school or college or some training program – but none break down the crutial ingredients that make up a good leader. Hopefully you are able to listen to these Ted Talks and get a nugget or two of inspired content to boost your leadership journey.

So, which speaker resonated with you?

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