10 Best Podcasts to Listen to Right Now – 2022

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Podcasts have started to creep into our lives – and thank goodness for that! There is a lot of information, culture, music, entertainment, news, and everything in-between that are constantly vying for our attention. In more recent times its also been difficult to keep up with everything without having fomo. 

These are some of the greatest podcasts to keep you informed about everything going on in our fast-paced world. It is also a refreshing way to get out of what you are doing and get some new perspective.

Some of the hosts of these podcasts have a welcoming personality and voice – which makes the listening so much better.

Take a listen to one or all of these podcasts to brighten you day, lift up your spirit, or just be the know-it-all when you walk into work. 🙂

What are the Best Podcasts to Listen to?

The list below is curated to bring you the best of the best of podcasts in 2022 (so far). Get into some or all of them to keep up with the times and have no regrets. No mo fomo.

What is the Number 1 Podcast in the World?

As of this article, the number 1 podcast as of August 2021 in the USA, is our number 1 below, The Daily. This is according to analytics measured by podtrac. That could change but what’s certain is that this list below has ever increasing numbers of listeners and continued releases of podcasts, which show you they are here to stay – for good reason.

1. The Daily Podcast

All about the news! This podcast digs deeper into stories in our news and provides fresh perspectives with great detail. The podcast drops new episodes every weekday around 6am. This news podcast is cut from the same cloth as The New York Times – so you know what you’re potentially getting yourself into… only deeper.

The Daily Podcast

2. Getting Things Done

Productivity, here I come. So this podcast is great if you want to get your mind into “do it” mode. The host, David Allen, is the same guy who came up with the GTG work-life management system to basically, get things done. The podcast talks to people who have or are using his method. They share tips on time management, work ethic and style, how to redefine your work and life, and so much more.

GTD Podcast

3. Lead to Win Podcast

A great podcast about leadership and productivity at work. The podcasts are usually led by hosts Michael Hyatt, and Megan Hyatt Miller. The focus of these weekly podcasts is to help you with your leadership skills as well as your personal development both in work and life. A great host whose books are international best sellers.

Lead to Win Podcast

4. The Accidental Creative

Another great podcast about the process of how ideas come to be. The focus of this podcast is to allow the user to see what the creative thought process, flow, behaviors were behind the success of the idea. And by seeing that, the listener can try to implement some of those patterns in their own lives to create something with a pre-approved blueprint. How fun!

The Accidental Creative Podcast

5. Stuff You Should Know

Again, another fun podcast about learning about things. The hosts dive deeper into teaching you – in a fun way – about topics that you are interested in. There are so many episodes (over 1600 at the time of this article) that you are sure to find something you always wondered about. Or you might even come across something that’s new and interesting. But without a doubt, this is a great podcast to listen to at work, on your commute, or at home – in the shower. Wherever.

SYSK Podcast


6. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Sometimes at work, we get down on ourselves for various things. We don’t like the job, the manager, the lack of work-life balance. Or maybe its just about not being appreciated overall. It’s for times like that you need to turn on the Happier podcast. This podcast by writer Gretchen Rubin is a refreshing reminder on happiness and how to achieve it. She provides a glimpse into actionable steps you can take to be happier right now. Also great for days when you’re just not feeling productive. Manifest more happiness in your life with a few of these steps sprinkled in every episode.

Happier Podcast

7. StartUp

Ever felt like leaving that job you’re in and starting something yourself? Well, get inspired by this podcast that teaches you about how to start your own kingdom! The podcast is a great reminder that we can achieve what we want. And whats great about this podcast series overall is that it gives you an almost step-by-step introduction through completion of how to start your own business. Get inspired and maybe, just maybe you’l leave that horrid job. 🙂

StartUp Podcast

8. TED Talks Daily Podcast

TedTalks have taken the YouTube world by storm. Once a very visual platform – literally – and still is for those of us who still like the visuals. However, TedTalks Daily is for those who can listen but need their eyes to focus on something else – or nothing at all. Close your eyes and listen to these inspiring and educational talks that come in little nuggets of time. Released daily.

Ted Talks Daily Podcast

9.  How I Built This

Hosted by Guy Raz, this podcast focuses on getting you out of the 9-5 grind. The podcast discusses with various major business owners on their starts, what they did and how they got there. There are a lot of big timers on the show – you’ll have to look through the episodes to find them but a few are the owners and operators of companies such as TOMS, Whole Foods, Khan Academy, and folks like Howard Schultz of Starbucks, and Gary Vaynerchuk of VeynerX.

How I Built This Podcast

10. The Great Fail

Sometimes it’s also good to see how some business failed. The lesson is not to learn how to fail, but to learn how not to. This podcast led by Debra Chen dives into failures by some of the biggest companies of our past. Ever wondered how HQ Trivia failed? Well can you say drug overdose? Head over to the podcast and find out how that and many more of our favorite companies unraveled.

The Great Fail Podcast


These are just some of the great podcasts out there. There are thousands of podcasts that are taking over our society and culture, but over time, it’s the ones that keep you coming back that stand the test of time. And these ones listed here have done just that. And I’m going to say they are here to stay.

Hopefully they inspire you to click your heels and make the necessary changes in work or life.

Which podcast are you going to listen to?

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Article last updated on January 19th, 2022

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