How to Use a Jade Roller and its Benefits

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Jade rollers have been all the rage for a few years now. And probably like me, you jumped to buy one. However, since it’s introduction, there has been a lot of controversy on the effectiveness of jade rolling and the safety of it all. Let’s take a look at the jade roller and how it can benefit your skin.

What are Jade Rollers?

To explain what jade rollers are, we need to understand what jade, the stone really is. Jade is a stone made of silicate minerals widely used in Eastern and Southern Asia for ceremonial and ornamental use.

The jade roller was a tool used eons ago in China from where it’s popularity has sprung. The jade roller has similar effects to using a gua-sha tool.

A jade roller is a paint-roller type device that is about the length of the average adult hand. It is used by gently rolling it over the face and neck in a specific motion.

Most rollers come with a large stone on one side and a smaller one. The larger one is used all over your face with the exception of your eyes. The smaller one should be used on your eyelids and below your eyes, very gently.

What Do Jade Rollers Do?

Dr. Jennifer Chwalek, M.D., a dermatologist in New York claims that drainage helps the lymphatic system, and also gets blood circulating to the face. This then will make a difference to how your face feels and possibly looks.

Making sure you are working your way in an upward motion from the center of your face, towards the lymph nodes is key to helping drainage. And you would have to do this for about 20 minutes to see any visible or prolonged benefit.

Do Jade Rollers Actually Work?

The big ticket item! So while jade rolling claims to do all these wonderful things for your skin, take these opinions with a pinch of salt. Jade rolling is supposed to help with lymphatic drainage of the 300 some lymph nodes in your face and neck. The lymphatic system works slower than your blood stream, so assisting with drainage is what your jade roller is doing for you.

The Benefits of Jade Rolling

There are conflicing beliefs on whther jade rollers have any benefit at all. However, it is safe to say that as mentioned above, they do

  • Assist in draining of the lymphatic system
  • Smooth out the puffiness in your face and neck
  • Relaxes your facial muscles / tension reducer
  • Gets more blood flowing to your face

How Often Should You Use a Jade Roller?

There can be overuse of jade rolling your face. The facial skin is delicate and so forceful rolling or rolling too often can cause more harm than good. The maximum time you should jade roll is twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed. In both cases, make sure you have cleansed your face. Adding a moisturizer or face oil prior to rolling will help the roller glide over your skin causing less tugging of your skin.

How to Keep Your Jade Roller Clean

Jade rollers are susceptible to bacteria and other germs. Keeping them clean is key before each use. Since it is not recommended to use harsh chemicals or stick them in boiling water, I clean my jade roller with soft soap and warm water. And I dry it with a clean paper towel immediately after.

Should I Keep My Jade Roller in the Fridge?

Stick your jade roller in the freezer for no less than 30 minutes before use. This cooling sensation helps you relax during your self-induced facial massage.

Rose Quartz Rollers vs Jade Rollers

The Rose Quartz roller is also a good option if you like a cooler stone instead of jade, which neutralizes with its environment.

It just comes down to what you prefer to use, jade or rose quartz. I for one have both of these rollers in my fridge. For me it comes down to what I want to use that specific day.

rose quartz
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The drainage and help in circulation does more for your skin than when you do nothing at all for your face. If it does one thing at all for me, is that it relieves my migraines and jaw pain from grinding my teeth at night.

You will probably get the same benefits of rolling from performing a facial massage using your fingers and some face oil too. However, it is much harder to know that you have covered all parts of your face and neck with the finger massage. You would do yourself a favor by investing in a jade roller and enjoying the benefits of rolling.

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Article last update on August 28th, 2021

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