5 Best Free Yoga Videos on YouTube

yoga videos on youtube

Yoga has been one of the most popular exercise practices of our time. And while going to a class may not be easy on the pocket, there are a lot of free yoga videos on Youtube that we can leverage to help us get the same benefits of an in-class session.

And since there are so many teachers out there (coz who doesn’t have a yoga teacher certification these days?), how do you which ones to follow or trust? Well, I’ve listed just 5 of the best teachers that practice the various types of yoga well (also listed below). These teachers have different strengths, with some focusing on mind, and others on mind and body, and some on healing disease.

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Take a look at the selected videos here but also watch other videos listed by these yogic teachers that will fit your need – because, they have A LOT of videos on their focus topic.

1. Yoga with Adriene

Adriene has a very powerful calm voice that most yoga teachers in this day and age do not possess. I follow Adriene’s yoga sessions mostly for my migraines. She leads you into the asanas (positions) in a very gentle way and with proper guidance. Adriene is very easy to follow and the best Yoga channel on YouTube I have found.

She has yoga videos that range from strength and flexibility to removing fear and managing stress. If you’re struggling with head related pains such as migraines, definitely check out the videos she has on relieving migraine pains. Her website on find what feels good, is a great resource too.

Is Yoga With Adriene good for beginners?

I have had a lot of newbies ask me this question and I think it deserves its own section. The answer is always going to be YES! If you watch Adriene’s videos from the beginning of time, you will see that she serves a wider audience with beginner yoga to the more advanced yoga postures and asanas that are practiced by seasoned yogis. She has video series that cater to beginners, and that’s a good place to start your journey.

2. Yoga with Kassandra

Kassandra has been teaching yoga for over seven years (at the time of this post). Her focus is on Vinyasa yoga (flow yoga) and Yin yoga (longer asana holding). Both of the flavors of yoga taught are good for those who are just starting out with yoga, and also those who are struggling with flexibility. Yin yoga targets connective tissues and fascia to increase circulation in the tissues and joints to improve flexibility.

She has a lot of free yoga videos including free 7-day courses, to 30-day classes, and tutorials for aspiring yoga teachers. Check out her website here.

3. Amrit Yoga Institute

The Amrit Yoga Institute has its focus on the psychological part of yogic training. By using ancient techniques like panchakarma, pranic awakening, reiki, and yoga nidra – this yoga channel provides a vast array of programs from the beginner to the advanced yogi.

If you are not used to these concepts, they will seem overwhelming at first. I suggest using the video on yoga nidra as the starting point. Yoga nidra is a yogic concept that allows you to completely relax your body and from that point, rediscover who you are and create the life you want. It is a state of conscious sleep where you are aware of the changes needed in your life and to ask for these healings in that state of conscious awareness.

Although not a goal of yoga nidra and sometimes frowned upon, a lot of insomniacs can find restful sleep in this state of yoga. Shhhh don’t tell anyone I told you.

4. Sarah Beth Yoga

Sarah has a comprehensive list of yoga videos for every age. Her focus is on power yoga so if you are an advanced yogi, this might become your go to channel for yoga. She has free programs and video that focus on beginner yoga to power yoga to even prenatal yoga for to-be mommas.

5. Sadhguru: Isha Kriya Yoga

Isha Kriya is a concept of recent development by mystic, Sadhguru. The process lasts 12 minutes and is meant to connect you with your source energy/God/creator/universe. It is touted by the Sadhguru foundation as a practice to bring together health in the mind and body with this very simple daily practice.

These yoga videos are very different from the usual yoga asanas and breath work. These yoga videos by the Sadhguru channel are focused on mind body connection rather than the other way around.

In Conclusion

Yoga is definitely for everyone. From the young to the wise. We all can becomes yogis with the various types of yogic principals and guides that can help us on our journey. And thanks to YouTube, that journey can start in our homes.

I hope some of these videos or even all of them helped you in some way. If you do try any of these teachers to lead you in your home yoga sessions, let me know below!

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