How to Create a Vision Board that Works in 7 Steps

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If you’re sold on the idea of creating a vision board and are ready to create, soldier on! If not and you want to know if vision boards actually work, take a look at my post to find out if vision boards actually work.

Now that you are ready to create your vision board, you are going to need a few things. If you plan to create a physical vision board, you are going to need most of the following items. If you plan to create an online one, then you can probably get this done faster. I have both one that hangs on my bedroom wall, and an online version as my desktop background. You could even make the physical one, and take a picture of it and use that as the background on your computer!

1. Your Energy

First of all, you need to bring high-energy mood. This may sound cliché but trust that this is what is going to bring your thoughts to a place of what you desire most. You need to have the gumption to make your dreams come true.

How you ask? Well, try the following:

  • Watch an uplifting movie
  • An hour before, dance to the music you like to dance to
  • Watch or listen to a podcast of someone who inspires you
  • Seriously day dream about how you want your future to be (don’t think about the hows)

2. Write Down Your Visions and Dreams on a Notepad

You should do this to get the basic framework of your vision board down. Once you have the foundational ideas of what you want in your life, then you can focus more into each one.

3. Get a Board to Display Your Goals

You’re going to need something to affix your various dreams onto. A few options are:

  • A cork/poster board
  • A section of a wall in your room
  • Your desktop background (if you choose to make it online only)
  • Tear off a big enough section of a cardboard box. These are good coz its easy to pin or staple onto and dirt cheap or free if you are like me and get a ton of Amazon shipments.

4. Write Down Phrases or Sayings

You obviously need something to write with. Or forgo the below list and write out word on your computer and print those out!

  • Pens
  • Markers
  • Paint
  • Stencil cut outs, if that’s your jam

5. Images to Stick to Your Vision Board

These are key and the one and only rule here is that they really truly need to inspire you.

  • Print them online (highly recommend this since there are more options). However pick the pictures and images that bring your heart joy.
  • Magazines. New or recent magazines or if you have old ones lying around the house, look up inspiring images or words and cut them out.
  • Draw them yourself. Having drawings that are self-inspired are probably the best. Since I do not have that skill, I stick to images from the Internet. 🙂

6. Something to Stick the Images onto the Goal Board

You need something to get those images on the board. Choose what is comfortable and acceptable in your household. I do not like pins because I hate sharp things. It’s glue for me!

  • Glue
  • Staples
  • Pins
  • Sticky tape (you can double side it)

7. Create Your Vision Board

Once you have all your supplies and a good joyous attitude, you can start pinning. Know that only those words, images, phrases, which should be bringing you joy, should be on your vision board. Make sure you are:

  1. Getting images that truly reflect what you want. Don’t pin something onto the board because you either couldn’t find what you were looking for, or its something that “seems” like you would want it. You need to know for sure that you want it
  2. Keep your goals to a one to two year limit. You can add distant future goals too, but you can always come back and refresh your vision board when you want to. Nothing is set in stone unless you want that to be your limit.
  3. Be specific. If you want to travel, don’t just stick the word “travel” or don’t just add a picture of the world. Where do you want to travel? Japan? Why do you want to travel to Japan? Maybe stick the flag of Japan and some Cherry blossoms on. You want to be able to remember where you wanted to travel to when you thought you wanted to travel. Which places, things, foods inspired you to want to travel. Add those images/words.
  4. If you are using images from the Internet, you can easily size them to your liking. Make sure you are not just jumbling them onto the board but that you are sectioning things that seem like they belong together onto one part of the board. This makes for easy glimpses when you walk by your board.
  5. The power of your thoughts is what you are projecting onto the board. So make them as specific as possible.
  6. Look at your vision board every day. I like to look at it at night before I sleep. The subconscious mind plays a vital role in moving us forward with our dreams. While our conscious mind works from a place of logical behavior, our subconscious works on the cool stuff. So absorb this before you go to bed.
  7. Also, look at the board in the morning. Know what your upcoming goals are and try to look forward to ways you can take a step towards them.
  8. Be grateful. With every dream or wish you have, know that you can achieve it but also be grateful and give thanks before you achieve it. This will create a sense of already having it and that helps your subconscious and the Universe move in that direction.


After all this, understand that creating your vision board does not mean you will get what you put on there. It requires inspired action from you. You can’t expect the Universe of some supernatural power to bring you your goals if you take no part in the process (check my post about this single most important thing).

This is your life, do what you can and the Universe will support you with what you cant do. Taking even a small step towards any or all of the goals will help shift the energy in the world in your favor.

Have you ever created a vision board? Are you going to create one?

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Article last updated on September 13th, 2021

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