7 Ways to be Kind to Yourself

be kind to yourself

We all need a little love sometimes, and being kind to yourself is just as important, if not more! You need to be the person that gives love to yourself all the time (dirty minds X outta here :)) in a healthy way. We live in a society and upbringing that heavily relies on the […]

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How to Make Friends in a New City


You probably moved to a new city for that new damn job which has great pay but doesn’t come with a pre-packaged box of new friends. Everyone thinks about this when considering a move out of their safe zone. Needless to say, I know how it feels to think about making new friends in a […]

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How to Keep Calm Under Pressure

keeping calm under pressure

All of us going through tough times every now and then or all the time. Keeping calm under pressure is not only a goal to get control back, it is also necessary to prevent mental and physical manifestations. There are some times when we are placed under pressure and feel a sense of overwhelm. This […]

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How to Focus on Yourself

Focus on Yourself

What’s the first thing you may think about when someone tells you “you need to focus on yourself!”. For a long time, my response to that statement was – I’m being selfish. As a woman, and Indian that too, I have often found it difficult to cut out the expectations of what I was raised […]

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25 Inspirational New Year’s Quotes

new years quotes

New Year’s quotes can get us into the mindset of a “New Year, New Me!”. And while we may need the inspiration to kick off the New Year, these quotes are not only meant to jolt us into new beginnings, but to live by them everyday. These quotes are a compilation of many motivational speakers […]

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How to Become More Motivated

how to be more motivated

Becoming motivated when there is no reason to be, can be hard to achieve. As women, we are often thought of as the more emotional ones, and also the more emotionally strong ones as well. And while that may be somewhat true, it isn’t always true. Each of us women go through so many challenges […]

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