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best yoga mats

A yoga mat needs to be something that provides you with the support you need to perform your asanas or poses. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether it is supportive, has good grip, is non-slip or is versatile enough for your travel. However, with over 100s of yoga mats out there, which one do you choose and how do you know what’s right for you? And lets be clear – you do not need that Lululemon mat to get your yoga poses right. Read more for a list of yoga mats for those practicing hot yoga, to wanting a mat to work for both pilates and yoga.

What to Look For?

There are a few things you need to look into before buying a mat. To simplify this process without too much reading, I’ve listed the main categories below with a gist of what you should look out for:

  1. Grip – you need a good mat that provides good grip so your hands and feet do not slip. Look for open cell mats, textured mats, or ones that have more cushion to them.
  2. Thickness – you may need a little more thickness if you are going to be spending a lot of your yoga time on your hands, knees, butt or back.
  3. Cell construction – if you are looking for a mat that is easy to keep clean and one that doesn’t retain sweat and bacteria, look for closed cell construction mats. If you are looking for one that provides greater grip and useful for vinyasa or power yoga, look for open cell construction mats.
  4. Quality material – natural rubber, cork, non-toxic mats are good options to go with.

Having said all that; continue reading and look for the “best for” listed below for each of the yoga mats.


1. Alignment Lines Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is great for beginners. The mat has pre-drawn alignment lines on the mat to help guide you through your asanas. It feels you feeling secure that your positioning is correct while allowing you to shift focus to breathing through your poses.  This eco-friendly mat is made from Thermoplastic Elastomers providing a very flexible mat that is heavy-duty too. It is PVC, and latex free. It is also easy to clean. The mat is sturdy and has non-slip surfaces on both sides. One side grounds to the mat, and the other to your feet. This mat also comes with a free carrying strap!

Best for: Beginner yoga

2. GB Instructional Yoga Mat

This instructional yoga mat from Grand Basics is great for anyone trying to practice yoga without a teacher! And that’s because all the asanas are drawn out on the mat! How cool is that? This mat is also non-toxic and is made with SGS certified PVC. It has a little extra cushioning to it so its easy on the hands, feet and knees. This is one of the first yoga mats to buy if you are looking to start a practice but don’t have time for a class or video. The diagrams on the mat help a lot!

Best for: Yoga at home

3. Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat

Gaiam has a reputation in the health and fitness industry as one of the more popular and original brands. Its products have stood the test of time and they are very reliable too. This mat is specifically made to be eco-friendly – its made from cork! That’s right, the top layer is cork and is what your hands and feet touch. And the bottom layer is made from a lightweight TPE rubber material giving your mat that non-slip grip. This is one of the more effective mats for hot yoga because of the ability for the mat to becomes softer for more grip during your sweaty routine.

Best for: Eco-friendly friends

4. Jade Voyager Portable Mat

This yoga mat from Jade is great for travelers who like their own mats. The mat is made of natural rubber, but is versatile enough that it can fold and fit into a backpack. This is just a great mat for those yogic nomads. It is relatively lightweight (1.5 lbs), and has a nice cushion feel while being thin enough to feel connected to mother earth. The company is on a sustainable journey, and plants a tree for every mat sold. Also, made in the U.S of A!

Best for: The traveller yogi

5. Manduka Prolight Yoga & Pilates Mat

Manduka mats are made for both yoga and pilates. And also just to sit on and watch the sunset. 🙂 These mats are very sturdy, have great grip, and are eco-friendly. The mats have a closed cell construction, and while that’s not the best for hot yoga, it’s the best mat for every other yoga. The company uses a proprietary material to provide a solid grip so you won’t slip.  And the mat is substantially thick (4.7 mm) that gives you enough cushion for your feet, hands, and bottom. There is a lifetime warranty on the mat – because it’s that good.

Best for: All yoga except hot yoga

6. Recycled Suga Wetsuit Mat

Another great eco-friendly and recycled yoga mat! The difference with this one is that its made out of recycled surfing wetsuits!!! I love this mat. It is definitely a company that is 100% dedicated to creating a more sustainable future, and this product aligns with their vision. The mat itself is about 5 lbs, so its not something to keep toting around. It does have more cushion (5mm) and is also closed-cell –making it easier to clean. The mat also keeps free of bacteria and absorbing any odor or dirt. It does have good grip, and since it has more cushion, also provides more density. It is made in the USA and are non-toxic, being PCV, PCB, PET, and phthalate-free. They recycle the mats at the end of the mat life, so this comes full circle recycle. A cause and company to support!

Best for: Outdoor yoga

7. Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

Jade yoga mats have a super strong grip. The mat is made from natural rubber and hence is a sturdy and heavy mat. It is great for all types of yoga including head-stands (if you’re into that). This is one for the most popular jade mats because it is so durable and lasts forever. The mat is open cell so great for any yoga, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Hot, Bikram, Iyengar and pilates too! The mat is made in the USA and is one a mission to plant trees for every product sold. 1 million trees planted and counting.

Best for: All types of Yoga

In Conclusion

There are so many yoga mats with different construction and use, and it can sometimes be overwhelming to pick the right one for you. I hope this list has provided you with great options on what mats may be right for you and your heart. At the end of the day, your satisfaction matters and having a good, solid yoga mat that has been tried and tested is comforting.

Which mat seems right for you?

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