7 Online Job Search Websites to Find Your Next Job

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We will get into the list of job websites that you can use to find your next job. Finding a job is a daunting task and everyone will fee some anxiety when looking for one. That feeling is normal. What is great about the resources we have these days is the online option to look for any job. Whether it is a job as a server, versus a C-level job, you can find and apply for jobs online.Having said that, there are tons of websites out there that offer open jobs, there are so many more targeted job websites that make it easy and sometimes even harder to navigate.

What you want to do it set yourself up for success without having to be tied down to a job site that you don’t know is good or bad for your job search. What is great about the list you are going to read below is that you don’t have to pick all options and you don’t have to pick just one. You will be selecting job websites that fit your need. Most of these sites have gotten to a place of updating the websites and keeping everything fresh. However, it is up to you to keep a check on the open jobs, the jobs you submit to, and the feedback you receive from the company or recruiters. Always be engaged with the process.

The job market always seems intense when we are looking for a job but staying focused on what you want will help you navigate through the system. Now lets get to the list.

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1. Indeed.com

Listed as number 1 here because it literally is the #1 job site today. Indeed.com has over 141 million visitors each month, there is a reason why this this so. Indeed has a very easy user interface for both searching and setting up your profile. They allow you to upload your resume in a couple different formats too but also allow for changes if you want to upload another resume for a specific job application. . Pro tip: always upload in word format. Set up your alerts to send you jobs that match your interest.

A lot of companies allow for “Easy Apply” which is a one-click application submission. If you are confident that your resume doesn’t require additional tailoring towards that specific job, the “Easy Apply” option is GREAT!

2. Ziprecruiter.com

While ziprecruiter may not be the best search engine, it does have a lot of job postings that may not be there on other job websites. The reason for this seems to be employers who are using it more and more with the increasing advertising and marketing of the site itself. One of the things that is not that great about the site itself is the user interface, and the constant pop-ups asking you to review how great the site is.

3. Career In Government

CIG is a great job site for careers and jobs in the government and public sectors. If you are looking for a public sector job to anything and everything in government, this is your job site. The site has a clean and clear user interface, its regularly updated and easy to use. Recruiters and C-level folks use this website to post and find the right candidate for the job.

4. Flexjobs

Flexjobs is a great resource for those who are looking for various types of jobs. This can be anything from part time gigs, to remote positions and freelance jobs too. Although the downside of this site is that they do charge a subscription fee, there is a reason why. The site boasts jobs that are filtered to your needs and they are very active with responding to candidates who have applied. You can cancel your subscription anytime and they have good customer service if you need a refund (with good reason).

5. LinkedIn.com

LinkedIn has to be the fastest growing job site out there. When it initially launched, it was the Facebook of the professional in you. All you could do on there was network with people you knew and grow your professional network. Over the years, it developed more features like blog post writing and in-app messaging. Since then it has become a leading resource in all jobs and markets out there.

To make sure you stand out, make sure your LinkedIn profile aligns with your resume. Also make sure your resume is uploaded and readily available when there is a job you spot and need to apply.

6. USA Jobs

USAjobs is a job site that is based and focused on every available government or federal job available. It is definitely one of the best job search websites to look for federal positions if you are interested in government. Fun fact: they actually tell you salaries for each job posted.

7. Robert Half

Robert Half is not only a job site to search for jobs. They are actually a staffing firm that helps you get a job. You can submit your resume or reach out to someone within the company who will work with you on getting a job. They claim exclusivity with some firms, and that means that you wont be able to find those jobs on other job websites. So your best bet to be on top of certain jobs is to connect with someone at Robert Half. You can also download their app and submit applications with a few clicks on your phone.


8. Company Career Pages

One of the most forgotten ways, but somewhat tedious too is to look up individual company websites. Every single legit company will have a career page on their website that you can go to. You will be able to see what jobs are currently available and directly connect with the company. When candidates do this, they are far likely to get a response from the company since most if not all the submissions through the site go to the HR department directly.

This method also shows the recruiting team that you seeked them out instead of mass submitting your resume through a job site.

Pro tip on this bonus!!! – When you find a job you want to apply to on any of the 7 job websites listed above (or others outside this list), go to the company career site page and submit your resume there. This will help with the same reasons listed above here.

In Conclusion

Whatever you do, pick a few job websites, not just one, for you to find your next job. And while I do not recommend using all job websites, pick maybe 3 that will help you diversify your reach. Also set up alerts so you can get emails every time a new job that matches what you are looking for comes available. Also, while the one-click or easy-apply options make it so easy, take time to review and tailor your resume and cover letters to the job you are applying.

If you are doing these few tips, you will be sure to get your next job faster than if you sat back waiting and hoping. Good luck to you. And in the meantime, here are a few more resources to get you prepped for that new job.

What job websites have you used or will use?

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