How to Know if Sugar is Triggering Your Migraines

sugar foods causing migraines

Have you ever wondered if sugar may be the cause of your migraines? I have suffered for 18 years with intense, cruel, head throbbing, want-to-cut-off-my-head, migraines. It started around the time I was in college. And I have no idea why I started getting migraines so early in life even when college wasn’t that much of […]

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How to Fall Asleep Faster in 5 Ways

Person asleep fast

Getting between 7 to 8 hours a day is the recommended amount of sleep for an adult. Sleep helps your body recover from all the mental and physical stress it’s been through during the day. However, you and I both know that it sometimes can be very difficult to get your body to turn off. […]

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How to Protect Yourself from COVID-19

protection from covid-19

By now we have all become used to the covid-19 virus narrative. Unfortunately, as the media and leading health experts in our country tell us, we could and most likely will mutations and higher numbers as long as we as a society are not doing our part to prevent a further rise. Until then (or […]

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How to Use a Jade Roller and its Benefits

jade rollers

Jade rollers have been all the rage for a few years now. And probably like me, you jumped to buy one. However, since it’s introduction, there has been a lot of controversy on the effectiveness of jade rolling and the safety of it all. Let’s take a look at the jade roller and how it […]

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