How to Lose Weight Fast in Ayurveda

how to lose weight and fat fast

Losing weight is a struggle for a lot of people. Most people try diets and exercise routines that don’t work in the long term. And since people want to lose the weight fast, we are constantly seeking out newer solutions that might help get it done without much effort or time. The goal here is […]

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Kitchari Cleanse Benefits and How to do it

kitchari cleanse benefits

Kitchari is a very simple Ayurvedic digestive cleanse that you can make with just a few ingredients from your kitchen. However, it is good to know the origins of this cleanse. That will give you some background to why and how you might want to add this to your routine. And as we will discuss […]

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History of Yoga: What You Need to Know

how to practice yoga

By now we have all heard about the great benefits of yoga. But did you know Ayurveda and yoga are called sister sciences both born in India? The western world has found a multitude of ways to slice and dice the yogic practice into whatever we want. However, have you ever stopped and wondered where […]

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Tongue Scraping Benefits and How To Scrape

tongue scraping

Tongue scraping sounds gross and it kinda is. However, it is very important that you start a routine to regularly scrape the gunk off your tongue. The tradition of tongue scraping goes back over 5000 years in India in the Ayurvedic tradition. And the reasons for this are covered below. Along with using a toothbrush, […]

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