How to Lose Weight Fast in Ayurveda

how to lose weight and fat fast

Losing weight is a struggle for a lot of people. Most people try diets and exercise routines that don’t work in the long term. And since people want to lose the weight fast, we are constantly seeking out newer solutions that might help get it done without much effort or time. The goal here is to get you a solution that is sustainable by both your mind and body, and gives you the result you want for the rest of your lifetime. Here is where Ayurveda comes in.

Ayurveda’s Connection to Health

Ayurveda is an ancient science focused on getting you to perfect health. The practice of Ayurveda is about individual needs versus the needs of a sample size population. If you speak to an Ayurvedic Counselor or Doctor, they will usually have a few hours worth of a conversation with you before they start recommending changes to slowly incorporate into your life. And they usually do this over the course of a week or so before you get your recommendations. The reason goes back to the individual needs of a single person. They hone in on who you are. And they devise a plan that will work only for you based on what we call your “Ayurvedic constitution”.

Having said that, there are a few things that Ayurveda recommends for most people to kick start their journey back to health. These same principals will work for someone who is trying to lose weight fast. The difference here is that you will be incorporating these principals into your life slowly so that you can deal with them for the long haul. If you try to incorporate everything from the get go, you will most likely fall off the wagon.

So now, lets look at the more sustainable and healthy ways you can lose weight fast without having to sacrifice your mental health in the process. And while you read these solutions, be open to the information you receive. If it doesn’t seem like a principal, question whether that may be you being judgmental. Because hey, what’s the harm in trying these and actually seeing if they work for you or not?

How to Lose Weight Fast

The principals listed below are mainly targeted at anyone who wants to be in perfect health. The side effect to this is that you will lose weight in the process. If you keep up with the principals here, you will not only be on your way to perfect health in body, but mind too.

1. Mindful Eating

This doesn’t mean that you focus on the food you eat and that’s all. While that is a small part of the equation, it is more important to be mindful of the food that’s on your plate. When we are hungry, most of us grab whatever is in front of us. Taking the time to figure out what you body needs is important. Listen to your body. If it feels bloated or uneasy, don’t stuff it with a cheeseburger or a dish filled with beans. Instead, give it something light like a salad to flush out what’s in your tummy. You’d be giving your digestive system a break too. However, since salads are also had to digest (yes they actually are), make sure you have something warming with your salad. Half a glass of hot water to help your digestion will do.

In other words, listen to your body. It is constantly speaking to us. If you feel sluggish in the mind, your tummy is probably feeling the same way. So, mindful eating would be giving your tummy something to rev up its digestion and metabolism. If you listen to you body, you are on a sure path life of not only losing weight but being in much better health. This is the first sustainable path.

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2. Types of Food

You already know that chips and ice-cream are not good for you. If you’re on a journey of losing weight and being the best version of yourself, cut these foods out of your diet. Better yet, remove them from your home. When you go to the grocery store, do not stop by these sections to get tempted. Shop on the outer area of the store and not the middle aisles. The outer areas have real food that are freshly caught, cut, baked, and harvested. These are the foods that should be in your home.

If you’re like me and don’t like to cook, there are a few things you can definitely make at home without much time and effort. These foods are healthy foods that you can eat. Fish for instance is an easy food to make at home. Many recipes call for seasoning with salt, pepper and lemon. Bake it and bam! You have a dish. For vegetable dishes, most can be sautéed with spices of your choice and within minutes you have a dish.

Whatever you do, follow #1 above before you do this second principal. If you are feeling heavy, cook some lighter foods. If you are feeling ungrounded and anxious, cook some heavy foods.

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3. Cut Out Sugar

I don’t know how many times I’ve said this to people, but sugar is one of the worst (if not the worst) things you can put in your body. I can almost guarantee that if you cut out sugar (fruits too) from your diet for 30 days, you will see the fastest weight lose ever. This is the most difficult item for people to stop though. However, if you do stop it, you will see the massive change in weight that you want.

Sugar of all varieties needs to be cut out. This includes, white and brown sugar, honey, monk fruit, stevia, and every sugar substitute including sugar alcohols. While the research is still conflicting on sugar alcohols, just cut it out. Once you cut all these sugars out of your diet, journal every day on how you feel. You will for sure start seeing a change physically and mentally.

4. Don’t Drink Water with Meals

In Ayurveda, we believe in the power of digestion, or agni. When your agni is burning just right, it is said to digest the food you are ingesting. When however, you start adding water into your meal, you are basically putting out that agni. In these cases, you’re creating a environment for undigested food to stay in your tummy and become toxic. Now, you’ve just created a tummy full of undigested food that will eventually move into your body as toxins and “bad fat”. Instead, create a healthy agni and eat warm foods without water. Make it a habit to have your water 1 hour before or after meals, just not with it.

Oh and make sure you NEVER drink cold or icy water. That is a sure way to dampen and even kill your agni.

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5. Eat only 3 Meals in a Day

How many times have you heard the theory of eating 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day? Unlike this popular belief, Ayurveda states that we are to eat 3 meals and give our tummy no less than 3 hours between those meals. So have your first meal in the morning after your morning ritual. That for me is usually around 10am (don’t hate, it’s the pitta time of day). And my second meal is around 1:30pm, with my last meal at 7pm.

If I have the urge to snack during the day, I have a handful of nuts like pistachios or cashews to keep me satisfied.

If I were to give you the times of day to eat at, I’d say have your first meal at 8, lunch at noon and dinner at 6pm. What is best though is for you to reach out to an Ayurvedic Counselor or Doctor to help you with this plan. That way it will be more specific to you.

6. 75% Gratitude

Ayurveda talks about eating only until you are 75% full. This principal works well with the concept of gratitude. If you are conscious while eating, you will be in constant communication with your body and mind. The sense of satisfaction is your body’s gratefulness of not being starved. As you continue eating, your body will speak to you letting you know when its close to being full. That’s when you can stop.

In Conclusion

I hope you find these tips useful. I believe that the power to lose weight or become healthy is in your hands. You have the control and you can steer the direction of your health. And when you take a step back and review these principals, you will see that these are sustainable solutions that you can actually implement for a life time. These are easy to incorporate immediately into your lifestyle. And the best part is there is no magic pill or program (with free shipping) for you to buy.

Are you going to try to incorporate any of these principals?

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