9 Meditation Room Ideas – How to Upgrade Your Space

meditation room ideas and decor

Creating a meditation room with pieces and things to inspire you, is a great way to start a practice. You want to be in the right space of mind and physical space to practice your meditation. And whether it be a big space or a small corner of your home, there are easy ways to add functional pieces that will support your meditation practice.

In the yogic culture, there are a number of items that are meant to bring us into a calmer more sattvic space. Most of the items described below have a yogic attachment. And these are meant to enhance your meditative and yoga practices.

You can find any of these items online but I’ve provided the most functional and affordable options from Amazon. These objects can be purchased from other sites as well. And you can tweak these to create a modern, chic, or boho space that fits your meditative style. The only style that matters is the one that brings you closer to peace and happiness – so do what makes you happy.

Let’s get into the list of items that you can purchase to make your meditation a more sattvic one.

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1. Live Plants

Plants are a great addition to any house. They are a great addition to your meditation room or space too. They are said to remind us of nature and our connection with source energy. Not only are they a reminder, we all know that plants are nature’s oxygen generating device. What better addition to have in your meditative room?

A tip – if you cannot meditate with your eyes closed, a great focus point is a plant or a flower. So having a plant available in your meditation room can provide focus during days when you cannot meditate well.

Here are a few options:

  • My favorite for its smell and delicateness – the Jasmine plant (also available in most Indian stores when in season)
  • Orchids
  • Lavender
  • Money Plant
  • Prayer Plant

2. Incense

Certain incense sticks are said to clean out the negative energy in a space. Be careful when getting incense sticks from anywhere – not all of them have the same positive energy. Most incense sticks that come from India are made for the purposes of meditation, prayer, and energy cleansing. A good habit to develop is to burn one stick of incense in your home or your meditation room every evening. Keep the windows open so the negative energy has somewhere to go. The result of burning incense not only brings good energy but also leaves a pleasant smell. In Ayurveda, smell therapy is said to help an individual. And while you need to know which smell help versus agitate, you can be certain the ones listed below will help.

A few options, but remember you can get these from any Indian store too

3. Meditation Pouf and Pillow

When getting a meditation pouf, try to make sure you get the one that is low to the ground. While most people will opt to sit on a cold floor to help with grounding, sitting on a pouf is good too. When you sit in meditation pose or if you are sitting just to pray or recite a chant, sitting on a low-to-the-ground pouf will help you focus better. You can concentrate on the subtle without allowing the physical pains and discomfort to bother you. Support your meditation and prayer practice by adding a pouf to your room.

Here are a few poufs:

4. Prayer Beads

Prayer beads are a meditation supporting practice. You can use them to recite prayers, chants and just keep focus. People do have trouble staying focused during meditation. If you have prayer beads ready in your meditation room, you can just grab them and focus on the chant or prayer or keep the beads in your mind’s eye. This will help you keep focus. The best prayer beads to get are ones that have 108 + 1 beads strung up. Try this Rudraksha Japa Mala Rosary to help your meditation practice.

5. Yogic Art

In any meditation room or space, it is good for the eyes to have yogic images to consciously and subconsciously take in. If you are able to put up some art, select a few pieces that will bring serenity to your meditation room and to your meditation practice too. It is a good idea to keep a few of these yogic art pieces in your bedroom so it is the first and last thing you see in a day. Feel free to purchase or create anything that resonates with you – as long as it is bringing you more peace. I like this Gayatri Mantra Om piece.  

6. Singing Bowl

Yogic practitioners and sound healers often using singing bowls in their meditation and therapy practices. They use signing bowls to bring calm and relaxation. When used properly the singing bowls vibrate at a frequency that is said to balance the energy of the room. I love my singing bowl and I will use it whenever I feel out of sorts. Hearing the musical vibrations from the bowl brings me a sense of peace.. You can also go to stores that have a variety of options and also pick the sound that resonates with you the most.

The singing bowl I have is this one.

7. Ghee Lamps

Lighting of ghee lamps are twofold. They are meant to burn off the negative energy that surrounds you. They are also meant to bring more light into your life. Ghee lamps are said to do this by burning away illusions to show you the truth. You can also add candles to your meditation room, but with the goal of leading a more sattvic lifestyle and bringing more clarity into your life, try to get a ghee lamp. And all you do is add a couple tablespoons of ghee to the cup of the lamp, add a cotton wick to soak up the ghee, and light the open end. Turn it off once your practice is complete.

Check out this ghee lamp.

8. Swing

If you have the capacity to add a swing to your meditation room – do it. 🙂 While this does not have anything specific to do with a yogi meditation room or practice, it is a great way to find the child in you. We are after all, children just trying to make it in this world. Let a swing (or a hammock) remind you to take some time for you. Become a child and treat yourself to a happy moment on that swing.

A macramé chair for you.

9. Blankets

Another item that is not specific to meditation itself, but a great addition to every meditation room. You can add to any area in your meditative space that allows it. Throw it on yourself during meditation, or on the floor, or tape it to a wall. Use the blanket to provide you comfort during your meditation. It is also a good option to put over you if you practice the art of yoga nidra.

This is a blanket I love and use during my meditation.

In Conclusion

I hope you found these ideas a source of inspiration for your own meditation room. These pieces are carefully selected not only to inspire you, but to show you what you need to invest in to create a more sattvic meditation space and practice. These items are meant to trigger your senses to bring more peace into your life.

Let me know below what items inspired you to enhance your practice. And not to sound repetitive, but a lot of these items can be found at your local Indian or Asian stores. So before you purchase anything, try to see and feel the items. Buy the ones that resonate with you.

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Featured photo courtesy of unsplash.com

Article last updated on August 4th, 2021

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